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How to sell with Baldwin's

How To Buy With Baldwin'sHow to Sell With Baldwin's
Valuations & Estimates

Valuations & Estimates

Submitting your valuation request

With an extensive, and varied team of experts in-house, we can give you honest and reliable advice about the nature of your sale and the value of your items – as well as guiding you every step of the auction process.

You can get in touch with Baldwin’s by email, phone, post or even visiting us at our premises in The Strand. Either way, when you first contract the team please tell us about the item or items you wish to sell including, if possible, the following information:

 • A brief overview of the item or collection

• A history of the item/s (as far as you know it)

• Its size

• Its period

• Its country of origin

• And, ideally, some sample photographs of all items

 Essentially, the more detail you can provide at this stage the easier it will be for our experts to move you onto the next stage in the selling process.

An expert examination

Following the initial valuation we may invite you to bring, or send, the item so our experts can inspect it in person. You’re very welcome to bring your items to us at our home in The Strand or, if you prefer, to have them safely shipped to us (we will, of course, advise you on the most secure way to arrange and insure your shipping). 

Also, if you have already decided to consign your items for auction with us we’ll happily send an expert over for a home visit.

Consigning to Auction

Agree the details

If you’re happy with our valuation you may consign your items to be sold at a Baldwin’s auction. If you’re selling a collection, our expert team will determine whether to separate the collection into ‘lots’ or offer the collection as a whole. We will then assign your items to the next suitable auction and provide you with an auction receipt detailing the agreed commission charges, reserves and terms and conditions for the sale.

Cataloguing your collection

A specialist will research, examine and photograph your items in order to provide the necessary information for our catalogue, website and marketing materials. The auction catalogue will be compiled, printed and shipped to our customers all over the world – while sales are also advertised online, through social media and directly to relevant collectors and organisations.

Advertising the Auction

Once we have compiled the auction catalogue it is printed and hard copies are sent to our customer base. The auction is advertised within Gibbons Stamp Monthly and other print publications where appropriate.


The auction catalogue is available online up to 3 weeks prior to the auction giving our customers plenty of time to review the auction lots.

Our online newsletter and notifications keep our customers informed of all new sales as they come up, including any stories of stand out items of interest.

Auction Day

Two weeks before the sale we’ll send you a statement of your items so you can confirm the descriptions and reserves are correct.

Then, on the day of the auction, you’ll be able to watch the sale in the room or streamed live online. There is always a great deal of excitement, and competition, at a Baldwin’s auction, with bidders in the room, on the telephone and online, as well as auction agents acting on behalf of collectors. In other words, expect a compelling experience!

Vendor Commission

We shall charge you vendor commission at a rate agreed between you and us prior to the auction. Our standard commission rate is 20% 

VAT at the appropriate rate will be charged on the commission.


Bank transfer

After the sale, the results of the auction will be finalised by our team and details of each sale will be published on our website. We’ll also send a statement detailing the outcome of your sale items within seven days.

You will receive your payment from the sale by bank transfer, minus the relevant auction fees, within 35 days subject to payment being received from the buyer.

It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure we have the correct bank details to pay into. The easiest way to do this is via your online account.

Unsold items

We will be in touch to let you know about any unsold items or if we receive any offers for your items after the sale has finished. Any unsold lots can be offered at a future sale, albeit with reduced estimates.

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