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Music, Movies & TV will be coming to Baldwin's Auctions in 2024

Music, Movies & TV at Baldwin's

Across generations, music and cinema have captivated hearts and minds. As the last century has witnessed a creative explosion, yielding groundbreaking albums, films, and television series, Baldwin's takes pride in meeting the needs of collectors with its specialist expertise in Music, Movies & TV. Our dedicated experts curate auctions brimming with culturally significant treasures, celebrating the power of entertainment.

Baldwin's Music, Movie & TV Category will be hosting its debut auction in 2024.

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Sports Memorabilia Specialist

Gary Ashburn
Sports, Film & Television Specialist

Auctions Team

Jordan Connelley
Head of Auctions Operations
Joe Sperrin
Auctions Operations Assistant
Edward Barrow
Auction Manager
Andrew Ellis
Auctions Operations Assistant
Shahzaib Quadri
Accounts Controller


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From your first conversations with our specialist team to the auction itself, we ensure that selling with us is simple and reassuring – with the kind of expert advice and dedicated service that has made Baldwin’s the first choice for so many generations of collectors.

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Whatever kind of item that interests you, every Baldwin’s auction experience is designed with collectors in mind – with every catalogue and sale curated and coordinated by our leading experts in both traditional and emerging fields of collectibles.