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Since 1872, Baldwin’s has been famous for our unique expertise in numismatics and the unparalleled service we provide coin and militaria collectors across the world. As specialist auctioneers, as well as a leading authority in the field, we are trusted by generations of collectors for both the selling and buying of remarkable coins, medals and collections – with a dedicated team of our own experts on hand to share their knowledge and advice.

Henry VII Gold Sovereign

We specialise in

Willian IV

British Coins

From Celtic coins made by hand, to coins struck during the reign of British monarchs, there is a wide and fascinating range of British coins regularly available at auction here at Baldwin’s – where collectors may find anything from coins dating from Ancient Britain, to those depicting lifelike portraits of famous rulers, to more contemporary currency.

Vitellius (AD 69) AV Aureus, Rome, 7.19g.

Ancient Coins

From both Greek and Roman eras, the exquisite craftmanship of ancient coins tell remarkable stories from extraordinary periods in our history. There is a rich variety of ancient coins, and while rarity is important, the condition and appearance of the coins is key to determining its value at auction.

French Coin - AH Baldwin & Sons

World Coins

For collectors of international coins, Baldwin’s auction brings together exquisite numismatics from all corners of the globe. Representing an extensive breadth of eras and cultures, collectors will find coins from the great ancient civilisations right up to more contemporary specimens and collectible editions.

Upcoming Coin Auctions

Auction #C24007
Taking consignments

Ancient Coins, Featuring The ‘Eid Mar’ Plated Denarius

29 May 9:00amUTC

Numismatic Specialists

Neil Paisley
Managing Director, Coins
Dominic Chorney
Ancient Coin Specialist
Richard Gladdle
Richard Gladdle
Numismatic Consultant
Ema Sikic
World Coins Specialist
Chris Rumney
Senior Coin Specialist
Oliver Reece
Lina Fitzjames
Junior Numismatist

Auctions Team

Abigail Delgado
Auction Manager, Coins
Jordan Connelley
Head of Auctions Operations
Joe Sperrin
Auctions Operations Assistant
Andrew Ellis
Auction Operations Assistant
Shahzaib Quadri
Accounts Controller

Auction Achievements


CYPRUS: 1923 £1 purple and black on red, broken

SOLD FOR £7,800

double crown

Commonwealth (1649-1660), Double Crown

SOLD FOR £20,400

Pokemon TCG - Skyridge Master Set- Complete Set

Pokemon TCG - Skyridge Master Set- Complete Set

SOLD FOR £19,200

The Hedley Pitt Heroes

The Hedley Pitt Heroes

SOLD FOR £26,400


with Baldwin's

From your first conversations with our specialist team to the auction itself, we ensure that selling with us is simple and reassuring – with the kind of expert advice and dedicated service that has made Baldwin’s the first choice for so many generations of collectors.

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with Baldwin's

Whatever kind of item that interests you, every Baldwin’s auction experience is designed with collectors in mind – with every catalogue and sale curated and coordinated by our leading experts in both traditional and emerging fields of collectibles.

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