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Iain Murphy Auctioneer
About Us

Our mission is to provide exceptional experiences for every customer as they buy and sell their treasured collectibles.

Welcome to Baldwin's

“While the areas of expertise may have expanded since we were established in 1872, Baldwin’s have been champions and custodians of collecting throughout our entire history. As a trusted and specialist auctioneer of a wide range of collectibles, our role – and our privilege – is to ensure the joy of collecting treasured items lives on for many more generations to come.”

Iain Murphy - Managing Director, Baldwin's

Strand Collectibles Group Team

Our values


We celebrate the nostalgia, curiosity, and sheer happiness that collectibles bring to our customers.


We believe that everyone can engage in the world of collectibles, regardless of their background or expertise.


Our commitment to transparency extends to every aspect of our operations, at every stage of the auction process.


We take pride in having a team of experts who possess unparalleled knowledge across our collectibles categories.


We understand the historical and emotional significance of the items we handle, treating each item with the utmost care and reverence.

Centuries of expertise

Since 1872, Baldwin’s has dedicated itself to the joy of collecting. Originally a specialist in numismatics, we have grown to become leading auctioneers for both traditional and emerging collectibles. Based in our famous home on Strand, we bring together exceptional cross category expertise, from our standing as global leaders in the field of coins and medals, to Stanley Gibbon’s unrivalled experience in philately – as well as contemporary expertise in trading cards, video games, comics and sports memorabilia.

By bringing all of these different specialisms together under the Baldwin’s brand, our reputation is built on more than 300 years of expertise in collectibles. Our mission now is to build on that proud history and service to spark, and support, the love of collection in many new generations to come. As the premier auctioneer for all kinds of collectibles, we have the responsibility to make the experience of buying, seeking and selling treasured items one filled with trust, care and joy, at every stage of a collector’s journey.



That collecting has always been about more than ownership. Collecting, of any treasured item, is about discovery and joy. It’s about the dream of what you don’t yet have. The thrill of seeking and finding. And the triumph of a successful pursuit. Our purpose is to keep that unique collector’s flame alive for many generations to come.

Our management team

Tom Pickford
Tom Pickford
Chief Executive Officer
Iain Murphy
Managing Director, Auctions
Victoria Lajer
Managing Director, Stanley Gibbons
Neil Paisley
Managing Director, Coins

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with Baldwin's

From your first conversations with our specialist team to the auction itself, we ensure that selling with us is simple and reassuring – with the kind of expert advice and dedicated service that has made Baldwin’s the first choice for so many generations of collectors.

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Whatever kind of item that interests you, every Baldwin’s auction experience is designed with collectors in mind – with every catalogue and sale curated and coordinated by our leading experts in both traditional and emerging fields of collectibles.

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